Erlang Podcasts

I come from the Elixir side where there are a ton of Elixir related podcasts. We do have a few Beam ones however they are still mostly focused on Elixir related content.

Are there any Erlang podcasts you guys recommend?


It would be cool to see some Erlang podcasts :sunglasses:

Personally I would love something like the old Ruby five podcast, I posted this a little while ago on the Elixir Forum, but think it’s worth reposting here:

There used to a brilliant Ruby podcast called Ruby 5, and apart from aiming to be around 5 mins per episode (which is perfect for me personally) they had visual indicators of where you were while listening too, and those sections expanded with further info when they were the current topic. It’s no longer around now but here’s an snapshot: Ruby5 - Episode #504 - October 21st, 2014 (you can hit play, but unfortunately it seems to loop after a minute or so - but you can see what I mean about the title/section updates).

I actually loved that podcast and every now and then I check to see if the beambytes .com domain is available as I think it could be the perfect name for a similar podcast for Erlang and the BEAM world. (I’ve added the domain to my domain watcher and am hoping it will become available one day!)

I would love to see such a podcast with a mix of Erlanger old timers as well as a few newcomers. C’mon @Maria-12648430 and @juhlig I reckon you two should give it a go :003:


I think I’ll pass on that one :sweat_smile:

It played the whole episode for me :wink: Must have face recognition built in or something :laughing:


Awwww go on, give it a go Maria! Something tells me you and Jan would be fantastic hosts and I am sure it would be very entertaining :003:

See what I mean!!! You have the perfect personality for it :lol:


Flattery is no use with me, but appreciated :blush:

Tell you what, I’ll think/talk it over with @juhlig, but no promises, don’t count on it :no_mouth:


Oooo exciting Maria! :003:

No problem if you decide against it, but if you do do one like the Ruby5 podcast you’ll have at least one listener… me! :lol:

If you do fancy giving it a go I’ll share 3 tips which I think might help…

  1. Don’t be tempted to go over 5 minutes long :upside_down_face: in over a decade of being interested in dev stuff the Ruby5 podcast is the only one which I listened to every episode - because it’s just so easy to consume.
  2. Stick to positive topics, and perhaps specifically, steer clear of drama (nobody really likes drama and it can reflect badly on communities) and…
  3. I am guessing you and Jan work together so if you can, record them in person and if possible with a nice microphone with a pop-shied (something like the Blue Yeti is great value for money) - they can make all the difference and help the podcast feel more professional and polished (but don’t worry if you can’t - the main thing is to just get started :robot:)

There are a pile of episodes of Mostly Erlang available, but it hasn’t had a new episode in 6 years.


Ok, so we discussed this between us at some length, and in a nutshell decided against it, for a variety of reasons.
Now, that is not a “never”, but for the time being, sorry, no :innocent:


No problem Maria, thanks for considering it all the same… and who knows, maybe our posts will inspire someone else (or you in future) to do it at some point :003:

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