Rebar3 Upgrades

Rebar3 Version 3.19.0 has just been released

New features:

Experimental features for which we promise no backwards compatibility in
the near future:

Other changes:


Rebar3 version 3.20.0 has just been released.

This release took a while to build; OTP-25.1 had incompatibilities with EUnit that interrupted the CI process, and which are corrected in later releases.

New features:

This new vendor structure should be of no impact to anyone using Rebar3 as a built artifact, but should make the life of corporate users and package managers much easier by having pre-bundled in all dependencies and allowing effective offline builds. It also simplifies our bootstrap code and reduces security issues by not having to download a certificate bundle without certificates, at least until our oldest supported version can use Erlang’s new built-in on-host certificate lookup mechanisms.

If you do rely on Rebar3 source for your tooling or any other mechanisms, then you will want to cd apps/rebar before running other commands.

Other fixes: