2022/10/15 - SpawnFest - online BEAM hackathon

Hello, community.

SpawnFest is back for another edition (2022), this year on Oct 15 & 16.

SpawnFest is an annual 48 hour online software development contest in which teams from around the world get exactly one weekend to create the best BEAM-based applications they can. Participation in SpawnFest is 100% Free of Charge, and there’s prizes to be won (just check out what we gave away last year).

At https://spawnfest.org/ you can get a bit more information about the competition (including the rules, judge panel, sponsors and prizes - we’ll keep adding these) as well as register for participation.

Hope to see you there.

  • The Three MuskaBEAMers

Hey players, we’re about one month away from closing registration to #spawnfest2022, and there’s still plenty of room left :sweat_smile:

Register at http://play.spawnfest.org.


Hello again, players.

We’re getting ready to spend a wonderful weekend around some BEAM-based hacking/hackers (Oct 15-16). There’s still a few days to register (http://play.spawnfest.org), so we wanted to remind you that you can still join us, and take your chances at our sponsored prizes.

We have conference tickets, learning passports, Amazon gift cards, swag, you name it… Come join us!


With only 5 days to close registrations at play.spawnfest.org, we are very happy to receive a new sponsor, elevating this year’s edition to the one with the highest valued prize pool :sunglasses:

Just look at what this year has to offer:

  • tech/tool brackets
    • for you to compete in a specific technology or tool
  • bracket specific judges
    • so you are evaluated by the best in each bracket
  • the highest prize pool of any SpawnFest edition
  • the coolest prizes by the coolest sponsors
    • USD$1500 in AppSignal credits
    • USD$3950 in Amazon gift cards
    • USD$300 in Project Numbat SWAG
    • 7x virtual tickets to BEAM conferences
    • 4x annual Grox.io subscriptions
    • 1 year Riak support (5 nodes) or $2000 in Amazon gift cards

A big thank you to all our sponsors without whom this competition wouldn’t be possible :heart:

And finally, a big thank you to all the judges who’ll evaluate all the submitted projects.

Join us at play.spawnfest.org | Follow us on Twitter @spawnfest


Get your engines READY. In less than 48h the coding frenzy otherwise known as #spawnfest2022 starts :scream:.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve lined up for the competition.

We wish all players lots of fun and many prizes. See you Saturday at 00:01.


Good luck everyone who enters :023:

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