2023/03/23 - Purecode - Functional Programming Talks - Sofia/Bulgaria

Let’s explore the topic of functional programming philosophy as a rescue service for complex computable problems with Elixir, Erlang, Haskell, and Kotlin!

When: 23 March
Where: Sopharma Event Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Organizer: Quanterall

Have you thought about the differences between intent and guarantees in code?
Do you want to learn more about the ways we can use types as part of the design process or how to choose a better error handling abstraction with the tools at hand?

At purecode - Functional Programming Talks we’ll also show you how to implement a peer blockchain node in Erlang and why Elixir is perfect for data streaming, concurrent connections and updates, and parallel computation. You’ll find out how we can leverage functional libraries like arrow-kt to make our code a joy to work with and much more.
We’ve invited top software developers to show us their best practices and expertise and answer your questions.

If you use functional programming or have an interest in it, please feel free to join us and reserve your spot here. Places are limited.

The event will conclude with a networking session in the foyer and you’ll be able to talk with peers about their codes and professional experience over beer and snacks.

Find out more about the speakers and the agenda at www.purecode.tech


:heart: to you, but Bulgaria is too far away for me, especially since it is only half of a day of talks?