A question about how to configure the erlang_ls.config file

I’m using the VSCode Erlang LS plugin on a Windows 10 system, with Erlang installed at ‘C:\Program Files\erl-23.2’. All my code is in the ‘D:\mycode’ folder, with ‘.hrl’ files stored in ‘D:\mycode\include’ and ‘.erl’ files in ‘D:\mycode\src’. When I open the ‘mycode’ folder in VSCode, how should I configure the erlang_ls.config file?

I’m not quite sure how to configure it, and it always fails. I get an error message: “Issue in include file(11):include file,” and the code auto-completion doesn’t work. It would be great if there was a complete reference to follow.

If I understood correctly, just create the erlang_ls.config file in D:\mycode and fill it with the options described here.

Or maybe you’re facing this issue.

I generally config the erlang_ls.config as below and it works fine for me:

  - "_build/default/lib/*"
  - "_build/default/lib/*/include"
  - "_build/default/lib"
  - "include"
    - document-formatting