A very belated announcement for the release of AtomVM v0.6

Sorry for taking so long to get the word out here on the forum, but the team is happy to announce that we started the 0.6.0 release cycle in early May, and have since been releasing regular point releases to address bugs, and add new non-breaking features. The current release is v0.6.2, released on the 26th of May.

Binaries for most supported platforms are available on the GitHub release page, STM32 users still need to build their own binaries, but this process has been greatly simplified since the v0.5.0 release. There is no more need to edit any of the code to build for a different stm32 target device, all of the appropriate configuration is now handled by cmake when configuring the build. For detail see the STM32 Build Instructions.

If you have not looked in on the project since the AtomVM v0.5.0 release there have been more improvements and bug fixes than can possibly be mentioned here.

Highlights of the new additions include:

  • SMP support for multi-core devices
  • Expanded platform support including:
    • nearly every ESP32 module or board on the market (ESP32-H2 should be working but is not yet tested in the CI, and the ESP32-P4 is still unreleased - so we can’t start work on that yet)
    • rp2040: basic port (including networking on the Pico-W) with GPIO support
    • WASM: minimal port that can run on nodejs, or in the browser
  • basic supervisor support
  • basic crypto support
  • OTP socket interface
  • ULP support for ultra low power processor equipped ESP32 devices
  • a subset of the OTP logging facility
  • many more common OTP functions have been added to our subset of the standard libraries
  • CI testing, to ensure what is implemented conforms to OTP results, among many other tests

Many bugs have been fixed thanks to the growing number of people opening issues on GitHub, and the addition of rigorous CI testing. The overall stability of the v0.6.2 release is miles ahead of the v0.5.0 release. If you checked out the project back then and felt it was not quite ready to use, you may be pleasantly surprised by the stability and performance enhancements.

The AtomVM documentation is also far more thorough, and a little easier on the eyes than what was published for v0.5.0. We now use a single theme, rather than experiencing stark differences when looking at the edoc and Sphynx generated API documentation. If you spot any errors, find anything confusing, or think something should be added we would love to hear about it here in the forums, or open an issue on GitHub, so we can get it corrected.

As always, any kind of contribution or feedback is encouraged. The best places to contact us are:

Thank you for your interest!
- The AtomVM Team