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Dev Profiles

Creating this for those of you who would like to post that you are available for work/hire.

Here’s the thread template - can you think of anything that needs to be added?

When posting please include as much of the following as you can (you can delete all this - just use it as a guide)

- your name
- your location
- whether you can travel/relocate or whether you prefer to work remotely
- your work experience
- the languages you know and how long you have worked with them
- the languages you are interested in
- your area of expertise
- a link to your site or online portfolio
- a link to your github account
- any other info you’d like to include/a short bio

Some general tips that I posted in another thread - might be worth portraying some of this in your profile?

  • Passion - do you have an insatiable desire for the topic? Have you read all the books you can get your hands on or cram into your schedule? The culture of learning is very attractive to companies, managers and co-workers. It makes them feel confident in you and the future version of you.

  • Share that passion. Blog, make screencasts, make cool things, organise meets, be active. Don’t be passive - want to get noticed? Be visible!

  • Be employable - Other than the above, don’t forget that you - not just your skills - is what people are going to be employing and having to work with, so ask yourself what kind of person you or the company you’re interested in might want to employ? A kind decent human being, or an obnoxious nasty one? I’m not sure about you but I know who I’d rather be working with :lol:

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