Adopting Elixir (PragProg)

Ben Marx, @josevalim, Bruce Tate

Edited by Jacquelyn Carter

Adoption is more than programming. To successfully take your application from start to finish, you’re going to need to know more than just the language. Learn the best practices for the whole life of your application, from design and team-building, to managing stakeholders, to deployment and monitoring.

Make a business case and build a team before you finish your first prototype. Once you’re in development, form strategies for organizing your code and learning the constraints of the runtime and ecosystem. Make the critical early decisions that will shape your application for years to come. Manage your deployment with the tools that good DevOps teams demand. Decide on deployment options, and prepare yourself for the challenges of running a production application.

Go beyond the syntax and the tools to learn the techniques you need to take your Elixir application from concept to production.

"Adopting Elixir is the comprehensive guide I only wish we, one of the earliest adopters of Elixir, had available years ago. Whether you are still considering Elixir or actively coding and scaling your team, this book distills the lessons we learned into a detailed and thorough adoption plan."

–David Marks, Senior Director of Engineering, Bleacher Report

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