Advent of Code 2023 - Day 25

Hello, coding virtuosos! Ukrainian Erlanger here :metal:, wishing you a fantastic Monday. Today is Day 25, the grand finale of our epic expedition through Advent of Code. It’s the last hurrah! Unveiling a final puzzle for your coding prowess, Day 25 marks the culmination of this thrilling journey. Dive into the challenge, navigate the intricacies, and, of course, share your ingenious solutions in the comments below. Let’s wrap up the entire Advent of Code with a coding crescendo and transform this Monday into a day of triumphant coding! Happy coding, everyone! :blush: :rocket:


Thank you very much @vkatsuba for creating daily threads for the challenges :slightly_smiling_face:

For today - I’ve converted given graph to .dot then to .png with neato, which gave two clusters with 3 edges connecting them :sweat_smile: Bit manual, will get a proper solution later :smiley:

Merry Christmas everyone! :christmas_tree: