Advice about User Interface options for a circuit simulator?


I’m planning to re-write an interactive logic simulator written in Golang in Erlang. Right now it’s a TUI and is very responsive.

Seems in Erlang there are a couple of options for TUI which require a ‘C’ driver.

There is wxErlang for GUI.

Please, what can you recommend?


wxErlang seems rather heavy weight but it certainly works. If you’re going to do something that really needs real-time low latency interactive graphics it’s likely the way to go. Short of that - I’d be looking at something that draws on a web canvas although I’m not personally aware of what, if any, Erlang libraries exist for doing this. For our own use, we’ve been making all our backend systems Erlang apps orchestrating lots of Erlang actors but our web front ends are being built with Phoenix/Liveview. Interoperability is pretty simple. Doesn’t seem, off hand, to be any “pure” Erlang solution available so just need to be more clear as to how much latency and what frequency of events need simulating and let that drive your final decision. Sounds like a cool project though!

– Ben Scherrey

There are a couple of wrappers for ncurses - that’s the best I have seen in the TUI category. At least ncurses is well documented and familiar from other programming languages…