Announcing "Erlang bits", a YouTube series on Erlang

Hello Erlang Forums,

My name is Barry (chiroptical) and I am starting a screencast series on Erlang called “Erlang bits”. If you have seen Rick and Morty the title is meant as a play on “Little bits”. I am trying to maintain a cadence of one video per week. :crossed_fingers:.

Currently, I have three “bits”:

I also have a GitHub repository where I am storing ideas for new bits: GitHub - chiroptical/erlang_bits: Planning for Erlang Bits If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to drop them here. Or, hit me up on Twitter/Bluesky (chiroptical) or catch me in the Gleam Discord (chiroptical). I am very excited to keep learning Erlang stuff.

Have a nice day!


Episode 3 is now live:

In this episode, I discuss a very simple gen_server example. Ideally next week we can start talking about more complicated stuff!