Are there any Erlang based alternatives to wordpress?

Hi, erlang forums,

I am an Erlang enthusiast, looking forward to shifting from PHP to Erlang, while using the Yaws webserver. Pls suggest an alternative to WordPress.

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Is there something in particular about Wordpress that is causing problems for your environment?

If it is simply to learn[1] more about Erlang, or in fact any language, to cut those teeth you need to find a task such as one that either you or someone does every day that is soul destroying and automate that.

If this is work related, remember to lobby and gain the confidence of your co-workers before you go and do a somewhat drastic switcharoo from PHP to Erlang as everyone else there will need to be maintain it the usual “hit by a bus” reasons.

After all, one does not simply switch CMS to learn a language…

[1] similarly to that you do not become a better C programmer by switching out clang for gcc

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thanks @jimdigriz

I am into wordpress / joomla website development using LAMP since 2010.

Now past one year, may be more, I am using Yaws webserver for our non wordpress / simple websites on FreeBSD 13.( old whatsapp platform, if I am right… )

Yaws webserver doesnot support UNIX based socket support for PHP-FPM, this is been confirmed by one of its senior contributor.

As Yaws native language is erlang, if any CMS like wordpress exist in Erlang world. I would like to invest some time to it.

I am looking forward for forum members’ advice , before coming to any conclusion.

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You could build a basic blog with any web framework… why not check some of the Erlang web frameworks out to see if they suit your needs?





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Zotonic is your best bet. It is actively maintained, seems to have a lot of features, and the devs are on this forum too.

However, if you’re apps aren’t actually CMS like apps than cowboy or nova will do the trick.


Zotonic ( is indeed the Wordpress/Drupal of the Erlang world.

If you want to give it a try, take the master branch. It is what we use in production and which we are releasing really soon as the next major version.

You can also check out the example site GitHub - zotonic/zotonic_example: Example website for Zotonic - Clone this repo to start with a new project though we really should update the Zotonic version that site uses (we are a bit busy these last months…)