Bellboy - the Erlang HTTP client library for sending SMS

Hi All! Some time ago I was have task for few projects - create library for sending SMS and to use this data for validation of registration and authorization of users in backend side. Since the products were different and some customers had several accounts for different SMS services, I decided to put them all together in one place. Meet Bellboy - simple Erlang HTTP client library for send SMS by different services like: Plivo, Twilio, Nexmo :metal:. Perhaps this library will be interesting or useful to someone. As usual, the library is also available at :wink:. The API is well described in REDME but if you have any questions or opinions or improvements - Iā€™m always here and open for communication!

Special thanks to @manuel-rubio for amazing contribution and providing improvements for this library!


Nice work @vkatsuba (and @manuel-rubio) - I might need to use this myself one day!