Business Workflow Modeling in Erlang

Hi guys,

I’m looking for some advice to help me with Business Workflow Automation.
I found BPMN which is XML-based [1].

For example, a ticketing system:

  1. a customer creates a ticket
  2. someone looks at it:
    2.1 the issue can be easily solved and we’re done.
    2.2 more info need to be provided by the customer. Back to point 1.
    2.3 the issue is difficult and needs to be escalated to another level
  3. etc.

What’s the cleanest Erlang way to achieve this knowing that the above steps and logic can be different from business to business (i.e business A requires only 3 steps while business B may require 5)?


[1] BPE: GitHub - synrc/bpe: 💠 BPE: BPMN Process Engine ISO 19510