Cannot find file at 'c:\program files\erl-23.3\erts-11.2\bin\erl.exe'

I automatically downloaded erlang during the choco install rabbitmq process, but moved it from C drive to D drive. Now, even though my computer environment variables PATH and ERLANG_HOME point to D drive, erlang \ bin has been modified to the Erlang path in the Windows regeidt. However, this error still occurs when I open the shell and enter the erl command

Cannot find file at ‘c:\program files\erl-23.3\erts-11.2\bin\erl.exe’ (c:\program files\erl-23.3\erts-11.2\bin\erl.exe). This usually indicates a missing or moved file.
Did I miss any other areas that need to be modified?

There is a file called erl.ini next to erl.exe that has a path in it, it might work if you update that file.

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I did as you said, and it needs to change both the bin and under erts-11.2 \ bin. I changed the folder name of erl-23.3 to erlang, and also changed the Bindir and Rootdir in ini to erlang. When updating, it will take effect, but when I change it to the D drive path (copying the entire erlang folder), it still becomes invalid. And even after using the built-in uninstallation. exe in the installation package, when I tried to run erl again in cmd, I still couldn’t find the file in this path, instead of being unable to recognize the erl command. The situation is probably like this. Anyway, I can at least use it normally.
Thank you