Cannot install fallback. No disc resident schema on local node

Hello all!

Trying to create mnesia schema remotely, from one node on another. Haven’t been doing it few years. Totally forgotten the details of this process. Could someone refresh in my memory the cause of this errors:

(name1@server1.domain)15> mnesia:create_schema(['name2@server2.domain']).
{error,{"Cannot install fallback",
        {"No disc resident schema on local node",

Should it be created directly by mnesia:create_schema/1 or it have to used through rpc:call?

You should use mnesia:create_schema/1 and the argument to it is a list of all the nodes in the cluster. That is, both the local and the remote node(s) should be part of the list. You only need to call this function once and only on one of the nodes in the cluster. The nodes must be alive and Mnesia must not be running on any of the nodes when you call the function.