Chicago Boss Web Framework - have you used it?

If so, where/how and what do you like about it? :003:

Build your next website with Erlang — the world’s most advanced networking platform.

Do you pine for a simpler time when web pages loaded in under one second? Chicago Boss is the answer to slow server software: a Rails-like framework for Erlang that delivers web pages to your users as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Features for Everyone

For Designers

  • Easy server–side templates
  • Familiar Rails conventions
  • Painless Javascript integration
  • Easy JSON generation
  • Django & Jade template support

For Developers

  • 100% asynchronous I/O
  • WebSocket & long-poll support
  • No nested callbacks
  • Language–integrated query syntax
  • Fast, in-memory functional tests
  • Support for Erlang and Elixir code

For Admins

  • Low RAM and CPU usage
  • Cluster–wide, channel–based message queue
  • Supports SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Fast garbage collection
  • Built-in email server
  • Hot code upgrades


Heard that name after such a long time. I recall encountering it over a decade ago. I recall the description and claims made on the site was much more “hyped up” than it is now.

Glad to see it’s still there.


Wow is it really that old? I hope the Chicago Boss team will drop by and give us some background on it, where it’s been and where it’s heading etc :sunglasses:

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Yeah I remember Chicago Boss when it was brand spanking new! It had a lot of features and usability things in it but was a bit ‘too heavy’ for my projects so never got around to giving it a proper shakedown.

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We don’t use Chacago Boss itself, but we do use boss_db as an ORM layer.


Wow, the memories! ChicagoBoss was my introduction to Erlang back in 2011. I think it was the version 0.3 or so :confused:
I liked it, but the company I was working on decided to drop/rewrite the project due to the lack of Erlang devs :frowning_face: