Compiling erlydtl files with OTP 26 very slow

We have several erlydtl files in our application and compiling the files using OTP 26 as well as OTP 26.1 is very slow.
We tried with one single huge file. The compilation of the file took 29 secs with OTP 25.1 whereas the same file took 107 secs to compile with OTP 26 and OTP 26.1 which is close to 4 times more than OTP 25.1.

Tested Environment: M1 MB Air running Monterey 12.1 and ubuntu 20.04

Any help is highly appreciated. Need to know what change in OTP 26 increased the compilation time drastically

Does Skip beam_ssa_alias for modules with huge functions by bjorng · Pull Request #7672 · erlang/otp · GitHub fix the problem?

I used kerl to install…Let me re-install from source with #7672 and check and let you know