Connecting java client with erlang server using JInterface

I’m newbie to erlang. I’m trying to connect simple erlang server with java using JInterface. I followed this stackoverflow answer to run the server. The server runs fine with no problems, however, when a client try to connect to the server using the java code, it Keep saying : Connection attempt from node AAAAAA@AAAAAAA’ rejected since it cannot handle [“BIG_CREATION”] . I’m run the erlang server this way:

erl -sname server -setcookie java
Any help please ?

Hi falsal,

No idea to be honest, just guessing. Have you check that your erlang version and JInterface version are aligned?

I have seen these 2 lines of conde, 1 and 2 and it seems to me that your error is something not related at all to your code.

Try the official examples to see if they work for you The Jinterface Package — jinterface v1.14.1

Solved! I I refered to the JInterface jar file that come with the erlang installation at

C:\Program Files\Erlang OTP\lib\jinterface-1.14.1\priv

and it works

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