Could we extract a netconfc-module from the ct_netconfc-library?

Hi Community,
I am playing with writing a somewhat complete NETCONF-client library in Erlang.

I have found previous attempts for instance from the OpenFlow-era - and there are some libraries.

However, I have found that the ct_netconfc-modules are more complete.
The only “however” is: it can only be used in the context of common-tests.

I have started a private simple Proof-of-concept - based on the netconfc-modules.
The changes entail removing some references to ct_util, ct_server etc - but in general the library after tinkering with it for some hours is already very usable.

Any thoughts on this?

Maybe the library could actually be extracted, and by means of callback re-integrated in ct_common.
Making sure we do not have converging code-bases.

Kind regards,