Crash dump of erl.exe with windows server 2012 r2

I wanted to install rabbitmq 3.12.12 and erlang 26.2.1 (both newest version) on a windows server 2012 r2 server (sorry, i have to do this and can’t update the windows server).
If i call any of the commands in rabbitmq (e.g. rabbitmq-plugins.bat) and even if i call only erl.exe i see that erlang crashes immediately and writes a crush.dump file.
The main error i see is
Initial call: user_drv:init/1
exception error: no match of right hand side value(error, (‘SetConsoleMode’ ‘The parameter is incorrect’).
Sorry, I am new an never used erlang before.
Can anyone can give me a hint on how i can solve the problem ?

You will most likely need to run a version of Erlang before 26 on that Windows release.

Hi garazdawi,
i installed the newest 25 version and now everything works fine !
Thank you very much for the fast help :slight_smile: