Customized SSH port forwarding - for TCP/IP tunnelling?

Recently I’ve been looking into OTP ssh package, and I’ve noticed there is a support for port-forwarding built-in into the ssh:daemon/3. I know there is a way to implement a custom ssh shell. I’m wondering if there is a similar customization option for TCP/IP tunnelling? Has anyone maybe tried to do it and could point me to the correct place?

Thanks in advance.

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as far as I remember, my friend made required support for data channels to ssh: TCP/IP tunneling over SSH connections (aka port forwarding) by HansN · Pull Request #2376 · erlang/otp · GitHub

We haven’t adopted it to our corporate ssh proxy, so I do not remember if it works, check it please. It should help you.

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I know that one can setup a functioning port forwarding over ssh - that’s built-in and works just fine.
What I’m looking for is a way to provide a customized behaviour, for example:

User want to open a tunnel from server like ssh -R foobar:80:localhost:4444 and I’d like to capture that request and for example modify host/port part from foobar:80 to .

I guess I’m looking for a way to customize this piece - otp/ssh_connection.erl at OTP-25.0.3 · erlang/otp · GitHub - other than forking otp itself.

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Maybe a PR with a new ssh option that modifies the {ListenAddrStr, ListenPort} pair?

The option could take a fun which takes that pair as input and returns a new pair.