Deterministic variant of ECDSA support in Erlang?

For signing bitcoin transaction, deterministic variant of ECDSA needed and it seems erlang has no support for it. how to do it then, is there any erlang modules/libraries?

Is it actually ‘needed’?

My reading of RFC6979 is this is to assist when you do not have a strong entropy source. Unless your target environment is a smartcard it should not be a practical problem…right?

On a logistical note, to even start doing this you are likely to need to compile OpenSSL from scratch as it only added support recently so a bunch of distros (at least the ones the rest of the world run) would not have picked it up yet.

On a technical note, OpenSSL’s PR has an interesting statement on this and looks like since 2017 OpenSSL has its own nonce generator to deal with this.