Difference between nitrogen_core branch 3.0 and master

I would like to know what is the difference between the 3.0 branch and the master branch of nitrogen_core repository. Are both branches referring to version 3.0? If so, I would also like to know if the v3.0.0-alpha.10 tag has already been merged into master

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The general idea is this:

  • master - the most bleeding edge, likely with some experimental functionality or backwards compatibility breaking things
  • 3.0 - is supposed to be the more stable version representing functionality for 3.0 that has been shown to be stable.

The tag mentioned, I had embarrassingly not merged into 3.0, but from this post (and your message on github), the 3.0 branch now does have the two extra commits in the alpha tag.

So sorry for the confusion.

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Many thanks for the reply. clarified my doubts!!