Do I need a load balancer in front of vernemq?

Just reading up on vernemq because I’m looking for an MQTT broker that can log to mysql.

I’m reading some conflicting things on the net. It kind of sounds like in some way or another, when using vernemq, you don’t need a front end load balancer. However, if you don’t have something redirecting connections from a failed server, the client connections will simply fail.

At least, this is my experience with front end load balancing :).

Am I missing something or is it that simple, the servers must have front end proxy / load balancing.

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If you deploy VerneMQ as a multi-node cluster, then you’ll need a loadbalancer, yes. You can then decide on the load balancing strategy centrally, and your MQTT clients do not have to know the cluster topology (they have a single point of contact). In addition, the VerneMQ side MQTT listener are not exposed directly.

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It wasn’t clear from some of the information I read if there was some interesting new way that vernemq handled a cluster :).

No problem then, fully understand. Thank you.