Does anyone have an example of Euint testing a distributed system using riak_core?

Hi, I am looking for an example/github repo of EUint testing a distributed system that uses riak_core. I am trying to add riak_core to my erlang project, which already has extensive EUint testing, and would like to avoid using common tests. I have already used this tutorial to get me started on adding riak_core to my project, however it only has a common test example. My first question would be: Is it even possible to use EUint testing while using riak_core? Thank you.

Maybe you can do it using EUnit fixtures, but IMHO it is more simple and intuitive to do this kind of stuff using common tests. Is there any specific reason why you want to avoid CT?

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I think the main issue is that this is an existing code base which they’re trying to add riak-core into and they already have a large investment of eunit test cases. Would prefer not to have to abandon all those and start over. Is there a particular issue with EUnit that makes it not work with riak-core?

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Common test and eunit are not mutually exclusive. One can use both tools in the same project.
Neither test framework will offer a particularly smooth experience when working with a complex stateful distributed system like riak_core, though.