Enabling math functions in Erlang/OTP on Windows

Due to the historical reasons, Erlang/OTP on Windows is missing some math functions, which were not implemented in old Visual Studio, namely asinh, acosh, atanh, erf, and erfc, as described in an Elixir Nx issue. These functions are already available from C++11/C11.

OTOH, the latest erl_win_sys.h still defines the macros to exclude the asinh, acosh, atanh, erf, and erfc functions. I think this exclusion should be removed, because it’s already 2022, and “Tools you Need and Their Environment” Section in “How to Build Erlang/OTP on Windows” suggests the users to use Visual Studio 2019, which should apparently support the C++11 standard.
I don’t currently have a Windows software development environment available at hands, so I’d appreciate if Erlang/OTP team could test this.

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