Erl Schedulers - how to use/combine +S ,+sbt, +sct?

about +S Schedulers:SchedulerOnline

If I set +S 4:4 for 4 erlang node and open 4 node, it will create 4 system process and 4 thread in every process?

when I want to scale some node just modify online num by erlang:system_flag(schedulers_online, SchedulersOnline).?

If I can say that schedulers_online reduce thread in logical cores to improve system efficiency

about +sbt & +sct

Is an mapping like this:
+sbt hardware threads => +sct <ThreadIds>
+sbt physical processor chips => +sct <ProcessorIds>

erlang:system_info(cpu_topology). seem not print ‘everything’ normally, so if this is an ordered list of level: <LogicalIds><ThreadIds><CoreIds><ProcessorIds><NodeIds>

when I set +sbt L0-3c0-3p0N0, if +sbt will have no effect

the doc have a sample:

% erl +sct L0-3c0-3 +sbt db +S3:2 -detached -noinput -noshell -sname one
% erl +sct L3-0c0-3 +sbt db +S3:2 -detached -noinput -noshell -sname two

I’m confusion about how to put these flag together

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