Erlang error after setting up Elixir: Cannot find file at 'c:\program files\erlang otp\erts-\bin\erl.exe

I’ve installed Elixir and Erlang and added both to path but every time I run elixir commands I get the following error:

Cannot find file at 'c:\program files\erlang otp\erts-\bin\erl.exe' (c:\program files\erlang otp\erts-\bin\erl.exe). This usually indicates a missing or moved file.

Does the file exist in that location?

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The installation did not come with that but erts-14.2.1. I’m wondering where that’s coming from.

They are from different versions of Erlang. So it would seem like something somewhere is confused about which Erlang should run when you type erl. I would try to re-install and see if that solves it. I’m not very good en Windows so I can’t help you much there.

My guess would be that you have multiple erl.exe found in PATH and wrong one is found before the right one.

Try to add it prepend those paths to PATH. If that solves it than you had multiple erls. If not than follow advise above.

I copied the erts- directory and renamed it. That sort of fixed things.
I’m still confused why that happened in the first step