Erlang features in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey again this year

There has been a thread about the Stack Overflow Developer Survey on the Elixir Forum every year since 2018, and last year we pinned it for Elixir’s tenth anniversary.

Erlang and Elixir feature in it again this year so posting this up here as well! It will remain open until June 1, 2023. If you get a moment, please head on over and fill it out :hugs:

Blog post: The 2023 Developer Survey is now live! - Stack Overflow Blog


You have either already completed the survey or your session has expired. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just copied the links from @josevalim’s thread on EF, although the link seems to be working here :confused: Maybe go to it via their blog post? (It’s the first link)

I mean I have filled out the questionnaire

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