Erlang Forums 2023 Update!

Welcome to our 2023 update everyone!

Can you believe the forum has been up a year now? Hasn’t it just flown by!?

We’ve had a great year - we served a cool one million pages! Some of you might be aware that we served just over a million on the Elixir Forum in its first year (tho we had more off topic areas there) so we’re definitely off to a great start! :048:

During this time we’ve also been reviewing how things are going and have made various adjustments. Let’s cover some of them next.

Refinement of Official Erlang and Proposal sections

You might have noticed we’ve expanded the official Erlang sections and created a couple of proposal sections. These now look like this:

  • Erlang News & Announcements
    – Erlang News
    – Erlang Blog
    – Erlang Notices
    – Official Proposals

  • Erlang/OTP Proposals
    – Proposals: RFC
    – Proposals: Ideas

This will help you track the official Erlang news and content that interests you most, and the proposals sections will allow you to discuss proposals in the ‘Ideas’ section before submitting your finalised proposal in the RFC (request for comments) section. If the Erlang/OTP team feel a proposal may be a good candidate for inclusion they’ll move the thread to the Official Proposals section. Threads in any of the official Erlang sections will get pinned for a week and cross-posted to the Elixir Forum as well :smiley:

Platform and Framework Forum Expansions

We’ve also expanded the sections of a number of platforms and frameworks, essentially giving each of them a mini forum with separate sections for news, chat, and questions. You can view them on our categories page, but they are:

The core teams for each of these projects also have moderator powers in their sections, so don’t be alarmed if one of them edits one of your threads to improve it, rename it or recategorise it.

Forum Sponsors

With the forum firmly off the ground and now able to provide some excellent exposure within the space we have started a sponsorship scheme. We are proud to announce our first set of esteemed sponsors, please check them out here:

Unfortunately we only managed to contact a handful of companies, so if you work for a company using Erlang and think they might be interested in sponsoring, please get in touch via contact @

Sponsors not only help us host and maintain the site to a high professional standard, but also allow us to do cool things such as offer fantastic giveaways, discounts and MOTYs - which isn’t just great for you, but also helps draw more people into the community - which is great for Erlang! Who knows where our sponsorship scheme here might lead, but on the Elixir Forum we’ve now given away over $100,000 worth of prizes to our members :003:

2023 Giveaways!

Last year we gave away 4 prizes per month, this year we’re going to be giving away 5 per month!

Don’t forget we have similar giveaways on Devtalk and the Elixir Forum too!

2023 Discounts!!

We’ve also got some super discounts lined up for you again this year - most of these are in conjunction with Devtalk:

Members of the Year!

Our MOTY scheme is a fun way to reward some of our most helpful and active members - those who go above and beyond in what’s expected of them and those who represent the community in the best possible light. If you add something of value to the forum then there’s a good chance you’ll be noticed!

Last year we set out with the aim of 12 members of the month over the course of a year (one per month), this year we’ll have up to a huge 50 ‘Members of the Year’ …which we’ll announce in next year’s annual update :003:

2022 Members of the Month!

Speaking of our MOTY scheme, here’s the remainder of last year’s MOTMs - we’ve selected these based on the number of accepted solutions they’ve provided - next year we’ll expand this to cover things like general activity, such as how active you are, number of likes received, given, etc :smiley:












:041: :041: :041:

As a thank you, we have an ebook for each of our winners! So if you’re listed above we have a ProgProg or Manning ebook for you. Since half of the books are from PragProg and half from Manning, please PM @AstonJ with your first choice from one publisher and your second choice from the other, as well as your full name, country of residence and email address - we’ll then allocate these on a first come first serve basis :023: (They don’t have to be an Erlang book either, they can be any book so long as they are published by either PragProg or Manning.)

In closing

We’ve had a smashing first year and the forum is certainly off to a great start! With your help we can continue on this trajectory and help draw even more people into the community - you are, after all, its beating heart :049: and the way you take part on public spaces like this forum has more impact on adoption than you might realise. The more welcoming, friendly and helpful you are, the better people will feel about looking into, and hopefully, one day adopting Erlang language themselves. Please don’t ever forget just how important you are and how much of a difference you can make :hugs:

Have a great 2023 everyone, we can’t wait to see what you and the BEAM world will get up to and what the Erlang/OTP team have in store for us!