Erlang Indent With Emacs - reformat with Emacs for VSCode

The Erlang plugin of IntelliJ IDEA provides the ability to “Reformat Code With Emacs”.

When I switched to VSCode from IntelliJ IDEA, I found that was the functionality I really need.

(the AST-base formatting tools are powerful but I just don’t like the way they change my code)

So I wrote a VSCode extension that do the same thing as in IntelliJ IDEA, and I have just published this extension.

If anyone need this tool, you can just install it within VSCode now.

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Neat! I have the same thing in my VS Code, but as a task. I just wish I could find some way to indent only the current line or a selection of a file as I tend to want to indent while the writing code that may not be syntactically correct yet…


Yeah ! The smart indent of Emacs and Vim are so good, I really hope VSCode (or some extension) support that in some way in the future.