Erlang mailing lists and parts of will be unavailable from Friday 14.00 - Monday 17.00 CET

Because of maintenance work in the building our servers will be out of power from Friday Nov 12, 14.00 CET - Monday Nov 15, 18.00 CET.

If we are lucky they may be up and running already on Saturday Nov 13, 18.00.

This means that:

/Erlang/OTP team


This is finished, yes? So maybe unpin/delete the thread? :sweat_smile:


It’s showing as unpinned for me Jan - is it still showing as pinned for you?

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Oh, indeed… Strange, it appeared as pinned when I wrote the above. Well, never mind then :wink:


Threads pinned in the news section are usually time based, so it probably just happened to unpin the same time you thought of it… which is quite the coincidence - maybe you are connected to the Matrix Jan? :003:

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