Erlang Punch - learn Erlang with different kinds of projects created from scratch

Hey there,

I think I already published this information on Slack in August… but I totally forgot to do it on this forum. In December 2022 I started a project called Erlang Punch to help curious developers to learn Erlang with different kind of projects created from scratch. It started by implementing Gumbo HTTP parser into Erlang with some drivers and finally switched to something more… easy to understand for the beginners. Actually, it was also easier to explain on my side as well.

The next project we started was an implementation of Nostr in pure Erlang. During summers we also started to work on 3 new projects in parallels: a fork of the Awesome Erlang list now containing more than 1100 academic papers; a project called gabarit used to explain meta-programming with Erlang by creating templates a bit like Phoenix Framework is doing in Elixir; a project called berty to make BERT and ETF great again and explain how ETF is working and more is coming.

Every projects created contain also notes and documentation, some of them, like Nostr, are being recorded and live streamed on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter and Linkedin.

A new season started this September and I wanted to share that with all of you. We have a Discord server and you are welcome if you are interested by one of these projects (ping me, I will give you an invitation).

Have a great week,


I am really happy to see a new Awesome Erlang effort!