Erlog - have you used it?

If so, where/how and what do you like about it? :003:

Created by @rvirding :smiley:

Erlog - Prolog for an Erlang Application

Erlog is a Prolog interpreter implemented in Erlang and integrated with the Erlang runtime system. It is a subset of the Prolog standard. An Erlog shell (REPL) is also included.

You should use this if you want to include some Prolog or logic programming functionality in a larger Erlang system (Including Elixir, LFE, Joxa etc). If you want a stand alone Prolog you are probably better off using a package like SWI Prolog.


This is actually fantastic for writing systems to test what access people have, can serialize state into a cache/DB for a user for example, lol.