Error by running make in Zotonic v0.82.0

I encountered a problem with the Zotonic assembly, I can’t figure out what the problem is. v 0.82.0

EXOMETER_PACKAGES="-afunix -netlink -exo +setup" ./rebar -C rebar.config.lock get-deps
==> zotonic (get-deps)
EXOMETER_PACKAGES="-afunix -netlink -exo +setup" ./rebar -C rebar.config.lock compile
==> zotonic (compile)
include/zotonic.hrl:22: can't find include lib "webzmachine/include/wm_reqdata.hrl"
include/zotonic.hrl:36: record wm_reqdata undefined
Compiling src/zotonic_compile.erl failed:
ERROR: compile failed while processing /home/oper/Programs/zotonic: rebar_abort
make: *** [GNUmakefile:56: compile] Error 1

Friendly ping @mworrell

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Hi, sometimes I have seen this when there is half-compiled libraries in the deps directory.

Could you try to delete the deps directory and run a new make ?

I reinstalled zotonic again, everything worked