Etacacs_plus - A simple TACACS+ server

etacacs_plus - A simple TACACS+ server

TACACS+ is described in RFC 8907 and is as a general Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) protocol (similar to Radius).

etacacs_plus is a simple implementation of a TACACS+ server and is primarily intended for testing of TACACS+ enabled applications.


Having myself also implemented TACACS+ for FreeRADIUS I hope your liver makes a full recovery as mine did…

The fruits were that the RFC ended up in a better shape for TACACS+, I got a nod in the acknowledgements and hopefully all in all it was an easier ride for you as an implementer?

Well, it was quite easy to implement the minimal subset that it supports.

I haven’t implemented support for CHAP etc authentication or any
accounting stuff, and the DB config is rather limited. But as an initial
approach it works good enough for my testing purposes and if needed
I’ll extended it with more stuff as needed.

Something I will look into is the actual format of the authorization data
that Cisco’s TACACS+ server returns since I want to mimic that.