Ethernet supported on AtomVM (ESP32)?

Is Ethernet supported on AtomVM? I couldn’t find any reference to it in the documentation, only WiFi. It could be useful to be able to use wired networking on devices such as the WT32-ETH01 which have an Ethernet port.

Unfortunately we do not support Ethernet yet. It is definitely something we want to support, but we are still a fairly small team of volunteers. If you have experience developing for the esp32, and would like to contribute, we would welcome any help enabling Ethernet support.

Personally I already have a few contributions I am currently working on, but if none of the other developers beat me to it, I plan on looking into adding support in the near future. I really can’t guess how soon that might realistically be, but I expect by mid summer.

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Thanks—I don’t yet have any Ethernet-enabled ESP32 devices, but was just curious if it would work in the current codebase. :slight_smile:

It can definitely be added. It will take both a device driver (for the phy device) and adding Ethernet support to the network driver, but neither it a huge job. Since all of the Ethernet adapters use SPI, the device driver may even be written in Erlang, but I am not sure if that would necessarily make the job easier or harder than implementing it in C from inside the VM.

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