Example Erlang codes sourced from open-source projects

I have recently migrated from Java to Erlang.

Documentation such as Erlang Std explains individual APIs.

For Java, there are websites that aggregate example code from open-source projects for a given API, keyword, etc. For example, Java Code Example Search. Such sites help to understand the usage of a given API in different scenarios. It also helps to understand how a set of APIs could be collectively used for different scenarios in the correct order.

Is there any similar site for Erlang? Please clarify.


I found one site https://searchcode.com/. It refers to open-source code available in various sources such as github, Google code, etc. It is not on par with Java sites. Something is better than nothing.

Please update this thread whenever you find similar sites.

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Have you tried;

Happy browsing!


Thank @kanga-roo. Useful site. I see it is a good site to search example code for a given problem. But, it does not allow to search example code for a given string say a function name.

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There’s a scrape of all the examples from RosettaCode at
but the Erlang code was last updated 3 years ago.
You can download that lot and search it how you will.

I studied the Rosetta Code examples in a bunch of languages
in some depth a few years ago. This is code written by
people with time on their hands and can often be substantially
improved. For instance, it’s not terribly rare for submissions
not to solve the intended problem at all.


Another site is Category:Programming language:Erlang - LiteratePrograms

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GitHub also has a quite useful global code search: https://github.com/search?q=lists%3Afoldl+language%3AErlang&type=code&l=Erlang

(You might have to apply for the new beta for it, not sure…)


Thanks Adam. That’s useful