exor_filter - an xor_filter NIF. ‘Faster and Smaller Than Bloom and Cuckoo Filters’

A new version, v0.8.1, of the exor_filter library has just been released. This is a NIF library for xorfilters.

A xorfilter is a probabilistic data structure like a bloom filter. They are faster, have a smaller memory footprint, and have a smaller false-positive rate than bloom filters.

Features include:

  • Dirty NIF support for large data sets.
  • Incremental initialization of the filter using ewah bit filters.
  • Support for custom hashing functions.
  • Buffered initialization APIs for large datasets.

Benchmarks, examples, and more can be found in the README of the GitHub page: GitHub - mpope9/exor_filter: Erlang nif for xor_filter. 'Faster and Smaller Than Bloom and Cuckoo Filters'.

The latest release can be found on Hex: exor_filter | Hex
And also on GitHub: Release v0.8.1 · mpope9/exor_filter · GitHub