Get 40% off all Erlang and BEAM books at PragProg!

We have some great news everyone!

Our friends at the Pragmatic Bookshelf are helping celebrate our launch and are not only offering 40% off all of their Erlang and BEAM books, but they have also sent out a mailer promoting our launch too :heart_eyes:

This is fantastic news for us in the Erlang and BEAM community as they have a huge number of subscribers to their email newsletters :robot:

Thank you @Dave, @erica, @margareteldridge, @PatSupport and everyone else at PragProg for your support - we sincerely hope this is the start of a wonderful relationship and we can’t wait to see more Erlang and BEAM books from you! :heart:

If you’re not a subscriber you can view their mailer online here:

And you can see all their Erlang and BEAM books here and here :023:

Just use coupon code erlangforums to get 40% off

For anyone viewing this after 02 Nov 2021, you can use our coupon from Devtalk to get 35% off any title - for that just use coupon code ‘


Here’s their tweet mentioning our launch: