Gleam and Nova

I was curious if I could do something with Gleam and Nova. But I feel I am too new to Gleam and its ecosystem to move this forward.

My idea was to make something similar that we did for LFE rebar3_nova/priv/templates/nova_lfe at master · novaframework/rebar3_nova (

But I am not sure if that would be possible? Anyone that could share some knowledge?


@lpil Anything you could shed some light on?


I had the same idea for Verne, after doing an LFE plugin.

One false assumption I had is that I could somehow implement a custom Erlang behaviour (the ones you define with -callback as you might expect in a plugin SDK) in Gleam.
But that’s not directly possible.

I haven’t looked at the Nova plugin architecture, though.


From looking at the LFE implementation I think you could do exactly the same in Gleam.

Alternatively you could create some wrapper API in Gleam so it can be fully type checked, rather than using the behaviour interface.


I will create a branch and see what I can do. :slight_smile: And publish it here so I can get some feedback. Would be fun to try Nova with other BEAM languages.