GRISP 2 Kickstarter and Preorders

There is a new Kickstarter Update on GRiSP2 status with a lot of technical details and shipping info here


The secure element bit is very friggin cool :+1:


Cool! :metal:
@peerst I’ve always wondered about how Erlang projects/startups can be presented on Kickstarter or similar resources. If you will have time, can I ask you create a separate topic about How to Kickstart Erlang startup? In general, I think this is a pretty decent topic and it needs more attention - if you want we can go with it in other way - I can try prepare some questions which we could discuss with you personally and based on it I can try create some topic in interview style. I think that @elbrujohalcon will not be mind publishing it, then we will share this great topic here in Erlang Forum. Let me know what do you think about it and just ping me :upside_down_face:.


New Update on Kickstarter:

We used the extra time while waiting for the hardware people be ready to end test and install the boards for some extra testing and improvement of the process. Found a little compatibility issue with the certificates we put on the boards and fixed that, so that testing definitely wasn’t wasted.

We also made the installation process work in parallel on multiple boards at the same time because copying on the Image to the eMMC takes 3min with our current software. So they now can have our “Intermediate CA” GRiSP board connected to a switch and then connect multiple to be installed boards which copies the image and creates a certificate on each.

Today we shipped this setup to the hardware people and they will start cranking our boards next week. And we are more than ready to ship them as they come in.