Gunsmoke - an example of how to make use of gun, cowboy, TLS and Websocket

gunsmoke - Exploring how to communicate over websockets and TLS using ‘gun’ and ‘cowboy’

This is not really a library but more of an example that perhaps can be used to
take ideas from.

gunsmoke consists of a Client using ‘gun’ and a Server using ‘cowboy’ that:

  1. Connects with HTTP 1 over TLS
  2. Upgrades the connection to become a Websocket.
  3. Sends a ping-pong request/reply between Client and Server.

The Client and the Server are both using certificates that are verified by the other side.
The certificates are generated by the myca package.

myca - A simple CA (Certification Authority) framework

myca is a very simple CA framework that was broken out from the gunsmoke project; hence it may be best suited for Erlang projects. On the other hand, it only contain a very simple Makefile and equally simple shell scripts; so it may be useful to others as well.