Has anyone ever developed a SCORM api / library in Erlang?

At LearningStone we develop a plaform for trainers using Zotonic, the open source Erlang framework. http://www.zotonic.com. We have our own authoring tool but now and again we are asked if we could support Scorm - the packaging model for education. There are some open source libraries out there but it would be interesting if someone has developed this in Erlang. Any help would be appreciated.


I recently also discussed learning package standards and implementations. So I’m also interested. But I do not have a library by hand. Nor would really like to invest time in any development for this dinosaur of standard. But it still seems the go-to format…


Yes, indeed a dinosaur that is kept alive.

Did you find any easy readable explainers or code that might be able to support a runtime for SCORM?

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No not really. And I really still want to avoid doing anything with SCORM. Currently I’m thinking of letting Moodle do it for me. With single-sign on to our future platform… I’ll really prefer to invest my own time with xAPI or LTI instead.

If I really had to implement a runtime probably I would start there: