Hello Erlang ++ BEAM World (introductions thread)

Hi, this is Brujo from Spain :es:

I’m @elbrujohalcon everywhere. If you want to learn more about me, check the following link…

Brujo Benavides - Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain, Staff Engineer @ NextRoll, Computer Science at UBA | about.me :slight_smile:


Hi, this is Federico Carrone from :argentina:

I am unbalancedparentheses. I am the CTO of Lambda, I write and interview other engineers at Not a Monad Tutorial and I organize the BuzzConf.

With Lambda we are using Erlang to develop the backend of finance, blockchain, healthcare, marketing, gaming systems that process a lot of data. I am a big fan of the BEAM, Rust, Julia and OpenBSD.

PD: It is nice to see a lot of friends over here. For example, @elbrujohalcon was my boss and tech lead at Inaka!


Hi everyone: my name is Kenji, and I live in Tokyo, Japan. I’m @jj1bdx in social networks. I’ve been programming since 1974 at age 9, first in FORTRAN. Since 2019 I’ve been writing C++ code for a software radio for FM broadcast with the multipath reduction filter called airspy-fmradion. And yes, amateur radio has been my another lifetime hobby since 1976, with the callsign JJ1BDX.

I’ve been learning (yes, still learning) Erlang/OTP since 2008 when I first read about it on the Japanese version of Programming Erlang 1st Edition, and Elixir at least since when I listened to the keynote at Erlang Factory SF Bay 2014 (or maybe earlier). I’m one of the co-creators of Erlang/OTP rand module and was the Workshop Chair at ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop 2011 in Tokyo. I visited San Francisco from 2010 to 2017 and Stockholm in 2016, 2018, and 2019 for Erlang Factory/Erlang User Conference/Code BEAM events.

I’ve seen a lot of great people and professionalism in Erlang/Elixir/BEAM communities.


Hi! My name is Jean-Sébastien and I live in Paris, France.

I started to use Erlang in 2005 IIRC. In particular, I worked on ejabberd and now on RabbitMQ for a living in the RabbitMQ core team at VMware. I love FOSS in general and I’m also a FreeBSD developer.

Away from computers, I love roller skating, climbing, driving cars (for road trips, not on track), photography, astronomy or fishing.

Thank you for this forum!


:wave:Hi All :wave:! My name is Viacheslav but you all can call me Slava, I’m from Ukraine. Started from 2016 I’m play with different and amazing Erlang(and not only :upside_down_face:) products and from time to time try help with some open source projects based on Erlang and always open for help to solve any issue.


Hi everyone! :wave:

I’m Carlo, software developer at Erlang Solutions. I live in Mexico City :mexico:, and I’m currently working with Elixir.

Since I joined ESL I know that I should learn Erlang if I wanted to improve my skills as developer, so I’ve been learning erlang from basics.

Also I’m a visual practitioner, I use to attend conferences and draw graphic recordings in live to keep the most important content, you can reach my artworks in this open gallery: Visual Partner-Ship Reach me if you are going to give a talk to draw it :slight_smile:

I’m interested on combine both passions, programming and drawing, to create visual content to learn erlang. Now I’m working on illustrate basics about process, and I hope this project will take more ways to share it, so probably I’ll ask a lot of questions about Erlang.


hello everyone! my name is Lincoln and I am in Chicago, IL.

I’ve been following Erlang for about a decade but have only really recently started to use it in the past two years as a hobbyist. I am very interested in exploring how Erlang can be used in gaming. I am currently building a framework for building BEAM-based game servers with simple drop-in libraries for people using the Godot engine.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and posting here!


Hi Y’all –

I’m Bunny from New Orleans, US. I got my start with Erlang creating utilities to enhance the release engineering process back around 2010 and am now using it to shepherd data around for a hospital. In particular I do a lot of work with Nitrogen (and lots of SQL) to write self-service study data gathering applications for researchers. At heart I’m more of a release engineer and systems administrator than developer and find Erlang to be an excellent fit for those activities.

I also own and run an underground theater in New Orleans, a member of The Radical Buffoon(s) theater collective, and an avid yoyo thrower. So it’s not all coding all the time!

I’m enjoying reading about what y’all are up to!


Hello! I love the forum!

I am Michal; I got into Erlang back in University in Kraków and soon started commercial Erlang development. I worked with databases, chat systems and blockchains.

Great to see all of you in here!


Hi, thought you were/are from Argentina.


Hello! I am from Montreal Quebec Canada and I was brought here form the Elixir Forum.

I use Elixir everyday at work but I have always been interested what is being called under the hood. I am looking forward to expand my Erlang/OTP knowledge with all of you!


Hi all, thanks for the invite.

I’m a South African, living in Florida (emigrated to the US 20 years ago). I’ve been programming in various capacities in many languages for almost 40 years.

I stumbled across Erlang 10+ years ago while looking for “something” to fill a specific set of concurrency/reliability requirements for a project and fell in love with both the language and the community.

Erlang/OTP, and the excellent supporting cast of libraries the community produce, form the backbone for all the projects I work on.


Hello, I’m TAM from Vietnam.

From Java to Elixir. I love Elixir and love Erlang too.

Erlang/OTP is great framework, designs and principles to leverage our products in terms of reliability, concurrency, scalability and maintenance.
Here is my study about Elixir |> Erlang Concurrency and looking forward to discussion and the shares of our friendly forum.


I was born in Argentina, but I’m living in Barcelona since 2019 :wink:


Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks to @AstonJ for the invitation to become part of the launch of the Erlang Forum :slight_smile:

I am a Developer Advocate for Security in Mobile Apps and APIs at approov.io and I am a strong believer of security as opt-out, instead of the traditional approach used on our industry of treating security as opt-in.

I am an Elixir developer on my free time and would love to contribute to the Erlang community prosperity as a big thanks for the foundations that make the existence of Elixir possible :slight_smile:

See you around this forum :slight_smile:


Sébastien from France, a professionnal programmer for 30 years who still loves it!

I came to erlang in 2006 looking for a language that would be suitable for a MMOG project. I was (and still is) fond of Lisp before that time so the syntax of erlang has never been a problem to me :wink:

I’ve used erlang for web apps quite a lot, starting with Nitrogen, then using N2O (with introduces server rendered HTML pushed to the client over webscokets in 2013, hello liveview…).

At some time, a boss wanted me to use a more mainstream language for a project, so I tried one of the nodejs framework for 15 days and decided I will not leave the BEAM !!!

I then tried Elixir with phoenix which was MVC when liveview started to make its first breath (2019). And I’m currently using it to rewrite a 5 years old erlang N2O SPA application, and so far it seems to be able to handle it !



Hello all. I’m Hank from Denver, recently retired from a long career in software development. I’ve been playing with Elixir for the past couple of years which naturally got me interested in Erlang.

Nice to see a community forming and happy to be part of it.


Hello everyone, I’m Mangala Kader from India, got the taste of Erlang almost 8 years back. It was a tough at first, having no prior experience in programming made it so convenient to take up Erlang full-time. Later, jumped Elixir wagon and ever since, using both of them based on the necessity.



Your drawings are awesome! I’ve never seen this kind of drawings from presentations, that’s very cool :slight_smile:


Hi folks! I’m Jói Sigurdsson, native to Iceland but have also lived in Scotland, California and Québec. I run CrankWheel, a screen sharing solution for telesales teams, where all of our back-end is written in Erlang and Elixir (we started with Erlang in 2016 and Elixir soon after). I’ve been in the software industry since 1996 and have worked at various tech startups and also for close to 10 years at Google.

To me, Erlang/OTP and also Elixir are the most elegant and ergonomic ways to write communications software and many other categories of Internet infrastructure, removing so much of the burden and duplication inherent in the ways a lot of software is written these days.

I live in Garðabær, Iceland with my wife Erla and our 8-person household, and I enjoy powerlifting, skiing and singing.