Hello Erlang ++ BEAM World (introductions thread)

Hey everyone! I’m Isaac and have been playing around with Erlang/Elixir for about 5 years. I’ve mostly learned through books, dissertations, and hands-on experimentation, so it’s exciting to see that there’s now a forum for the wider online Erlang community. I look forward to meeting y’all!


Hey, I am Frank and been playing around with erlang and Elixir. My programming language at Work differs from this platform.


Hello everyone, Im Abdul Muhaimin from Malaysia. Currently working as Frontend Dev using mostly Javascript and React.

When stepping into the programming world, Ruby was my first language. And then I know of Elixir when someone mention it in some place I dont remember. It is also the first time I was introduced to functional programming, and it instantly clicked with me. Eventually I learned Erlang when a Futurelearn website make some sort of sponsor for the website courses. Contrary to many peoples experience, Erlang syntax for me was easier to digest than I expected. Unfortunately I dont have many opportunity to use Elixir/Erlang on my job, but I still lurking around Elixir forum and now Erlang forum too I guess.
Working with Javascript made me realise how nice Elixir/Erlang are


Hi All!

Currently working for a small MSP in the UK working to create our own communication platforms for customers.

Have worked with MQ on and off as an administrator for about 15 years (started with IBM MQ) and more recently with rabbit mq.

We also have a deployment of 2600hz excellent Kazoo which is based on erlang; looking forward to creating our first hello world and going from there!



I’m a second generation computer programmer, been my whole life since long before graphics were a thing on displays, lol. Learned erlang ~20 years ago, been loving it and the BEAM ever since with multiple things in production (including at my job)!


Hello !

I used to be JimmyRcom in the freenode irc around 2010. Erlang is still my favorite language.


That was the most surprising thing when I started learning Erlang after having done some Elixir, which was kinda hyped for its syntax.
I really like the Erlang syntax, of which I haven’t heard very flattering things before


Hello, I’m Fantarina from Madagascar
I discovered Erlang 3 years ago, I will most likely never find an Erlang job in my country but I love the language very much, oddly enough I hate Elixir, surely because of the syntax.


Hopefully with remote working becoming more popular, you can find an Erlang job in another country!


Hey folks, thanks for the invite.

I’m Sascha, live in Germany, and have been working with the BEAM for the last ~5 years now. All of that in Elixir though. In that time I’ve obviously had my interactions with Erlang, be it through libraries, documentation on OTP topics, and beyond, but I’ve never had the pleasure of actually writing any significant Erlang code.

I hope this forum is a good first step at a closer collaboration between all the different languages on the BEAM (@lpil when are the gleamforums happening? :wink:).


Hi :slight_smile:

I’m Maria, university student, self-taught Erlang programmer, occasionally working as a freelancer, generally trying to make the world a better place (through Erlang :upside_down_face:).

My story, well, here goes :wink: I started toying around with programming as a child (Pascal I think it was) and at high school. At university, I took a superficial, on-and-off round-trip through some of the more popular programming languages of the day, out of curiosity. None of them catched my interest for long, though.

When I finally tripped over Erlang by chance, however, I was hooked. The pragmatic approaches to things, the rather unique features, even the somewhat scary alien syntax: fascinating. The absence of fancy magic that had, to varying degrees, crept into most of the languages I had played with before: pleasing. The things you could do with it, the power: impressive. The ability to frighten lofty IT undergraduates with words like “recursion” and “concurrency”: glee :grin:
Put simply: :heart_eyes:

After a period of reading, learning, experimenting, and getting in contact with some other nice Erlangers (@juhlig, @essen, …), I started making small contributions to Ranch, gen_smtp, and some Erlang stdlib modules (queue, maps, proplists). My IMO biggest achievements to date are being Co-Author and -Implementor of EEP 56 and the modernization of the timer module.


You do have a black belt in understatement, do you? :laughing:


Hi Maria,
We appreciate your contributions very much. :smiley:


Why, thank you :blush:


Hello everyone! :wave:

I’m Stephan and I live in Canada and work for Change. I’ve been working in the industry for about 10 years now (and programming for a much longer time than that) focusing on system reliability in a few fields! I’ve worked in the web space, gaming, and shipping industries and have used many languages over the years. Erlang happens to be one of my favourites since I have a soft spot for Prolog :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m very glad this new forum exists as a place I can now chat and get ideas about reliable systems design!


Why make a Gleam forum when we’ve got the Erlang Forum? :grin:


Hello. I am a web applications developer with C# as my primary language. I experimented with Erlang around 9 years back. I kept in touch with happenings of Erlang ecosystem using RSS and Reddit. I am excited to see a brand new forums and the new website. As an outsider, this is definitely a right move. I have no Erlang related credentials unfortunately, yet, but I hope the day is nearer. Good luck to the community and the ecosystem.


Hello, all! I’m John from Denver, CO USA. I’m a network engineer / python hack by day. After hearing about Erlang a few times, I decided to check it out and I’m hooked. I’m not really a programmer, despite dabbling in a few languages over the past few decades. Erlang is rekindling that interest in programming for the sake of programming, which I haven’t had for a while.

I also want to say that the Erlang community has been so welcoming, helpful and encouraging. Erlang is the first functional language I’ve ever really started to learn. I don’t count the two weeks with clojure that were an utter failure a few years ago. :joy: I’m looking forward to learning more and ultimately being able to contribute to the community and/or Erlang projects in some way.


Hello world!

I’m a bit late to the party…

A little about me :

My name is Bryan Paxton (a.k.a. starbelly). I’m a board member of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation (https://erlef.org), a member of the EEF build and packaging working group, infrastructure working group, and marketing working group. I’m also an admin on elranger slack and a recent SpawnFest organizer.

I help maintain the setup-beam github action, erlang-companies.org, rebar3_hex, and verl and contribute to various other open source projects ranging from Elixir to Erlang/OTP, from hex.pm to enacl, and so forth and so on. I try to make contributions to all areas of the BEAM when and where I can and as time allows.

I also recently, joined this forum as moderator !!! Sadly, this forum launched right when I get hit with what is probably the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had. I’m on the mend now and should be more active around here going forward, but also I am still in recovery mode I would say, so :bear: with me : )

I’m quite passionate about helping people and Erlang/OTP and all BEAM languages :slight_smile: It’s in fact hard for me to even write code in other languages now (spoiled rotten!), though I do have to from time to time. On that note, here’s my language journey in general : C → Perl → Python → Ruby → Elixir → Erlang.

I’ve been on the BEAM for about 5 years now. My introduction to all of it was via Elixir for which I can not thank Jose, the rest of elixir-core and the community enough. I’ve always had a day job doing Elixir for the past 5 years thanks to them.

Really had it not been for Elixir, I probably never would have found Erlang (again). There’s a funny story in there about my first encounter with Erlang though :slight_smile:

After spending a good bit of time with Elixir, I got more and more curious about Erlang itself and proceeded to go deeper. It was actually while trying to do a project with a core elixir member that I really started to fall in love with Erlang (irony!).

I really started to embrace a whole new way of looking at languages, designing systems, and a huge part of that is because of this path I went down with Erlang, and no doubt a huge thanks needs to go to Joe, Robert, Mike, and Bjarne!. Not to mention the OTP team past and present.

In addition to finding a lot of knowledge and wisdom within Erlang itself, and the community at large, I found a lot of great people I may never have encountered had I not gone down that path. You know who you are :wink:

I look forward to continuing on the path I’m on and specifically going deeper into OTP and ERTS with a stronger focus on contributing more to Erlang/OTP.

After all is said and done… I love all BEAM languages, I love the entire community. I love the different perspectives they all bring to the table. I love how one can influence the other; and I see this exponentially growing.

At the risk of being redundant; let me add that the BEAM community is by far the finest community I have ever had interactions with, full stop, period. I’ve always stated this and it still holds true.

Erlang/OTP aside, I’m extremely passionate about music and more specifically writing and playing music. I love a great movie and comedy shows. I’m married, have two kids, a grandson, a dog, and a cat.

That’s a mouthful, so I’ll stop there, for now… :grinning: But hey, I’m an open book, you can always feel free to AMA or ping me. :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


I’m glad to hear that sinus infection is improving!