How to create client registration for chat application using Erlang?

I’m newbie to erlang. I have been working on a group chat application using erlang. The thing come into my mind is how to allow users to sign up for an account filling some information such as email address, user name and password. So for that case, how to do this theoretically ? i.e., in witch format I should store the user information into a file and how?

May I have a simple example in how to do it programmatically? I can read the user inputs from the console, but, how to deal with these information and save it in a file to be used later when user attempt to login?

This is an open source chat application, user registration information exists in the postgresql database, the implementation of group chat function (but not perfect, still need further optimization, solve some bugs)

I did’t get ride of the link you provided. can you please post some simple code that get user name and password from the erlang shell and write it to a file?

See io:get_line/1 for reading from stdin and file:write_file/2 (and friends) for writing to a file.

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