How to upgrade installation of Erlang OTP on Windows?


I am trying to silently upgrade OTP [] to OTP [26.1.2] on Windows 10 64 Bit VM.
but both versions coexists, Is it intended behavior?
Do we need to uninstall previous version before installing new?
If we manually uninstall any old version of OTP does it retain users settings if any and same can be applied to latest version?

I use the utility called asdf to manage my erlang and elixir versions. I highly recommend it.

To use it, install asdf then install the erlang plugin for it. From there, it’s just a couple of commands to download whatever versions you want and switch between them.

asdf is not a window tool.

You can have multiple versions of OTP installed and switch between them. I use scoop on Windows to do this. If you installed with the installer you’d probably have to edit your PATH env var manually each time.

What user settings do you have applied in the installation folder?

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Oh, crud. My mistake! I have it installed on so many machines, I thought I had it installed on my Windows machine, too. But I think I actually have it installed in an ubuntu VM on my Windows machine. :slight_smile: