Instructions for "Connecting over Wifi and Ethernet" are incorrect for grisp2

These instructions state that grisp/default/common/deploy/files is the location for grisp.ini.mustache. This leads to there a “no interfaces have a carrier” message on boot.
Changing the path to grisp/grisp2/common/deploy/files corrects this problem.
Would it be possible for these instructions to be updated for grisp2.


I think this could also point to a bug in the rebar plugin. If my own understanding is right, the files in default should be working both for GRiSP1 and 2. Thanks for pointing out, I’ll have a look.


I’ve updated the wiki with correct instructions: Connecting over WiFI and Ethernet · grisp/grisp Wiki · GitHub

The overlay system works by starting with the lowest common denominator (default) and working its way up to specific platforms and versions (in this case grisp2). Therefore, to override a file in your own project you need a custom one per platform (since that is what the GRiSP runtime ships with).